Rules & Guide Lines

These rules and guide lines are in place to ensure the channel runs as smoothly as possible and can be enjoyed by everyone. That means the operators can kick you at their discretion if they decide your behaviour is disruptive, even if you’re not directly in breach of any of the above.
Worldchat rules can be reviewed/amended/changed without notification.

There is only one way to do well in #worldchat – just treat everyone well and enjoy!



We are a family channel:

  1. English only. This is for ops to know what you are saying so they can monitor the channel. Foreign greeting/farewell words are allowed.
  2. No racism, homophobia, anti-Semitism or any other kind of hate messages.
  3. No  swearing and/or masked swearing, sexual overtones (Including Nicknames ), being in another unsuitable channel. If it’s not suitable for a PG-13 film it’s not suitable for #worldchat.
  4. No discussion on or about politics, religion, sex, Illegal drugs. We want to maintain a friendly, relaxed and social atmosphere. There are other places to voice your views if that’s what you want to do.
  5. No invites, flooding or spam. You will automatically get kicked for posting #channels, websites or e-mail addresses in the channel.
    The exception to this rule is Url’s may be posted by operator or voiced user, and must comply with in rule 4
  6. No fighting in the channel. If you’re having a problem with someone you can talk it over in PM or just /ignore. Message an op with logs in cases of persistent abuse.
  7. Don’t use the channel as a dating service. Looking for a boy/girl will only annoy people and if you don’t heed warnings you will be kicked and/or banned. Asking for cam chat or using a nick indicating cam chat is also prohibited. Talk to everyone, if someone interesting comes your way, all the better for you.


DALnet’s Acceptable Use Policy

Worldchat is on the DALnet network, there for you and we must comply with there use policy. For information  click Here


Guide lines


All Bans must be for a reasonable time and no longer then 24hrs
All Kicks must be accompanied with an explanation  for the kick kick/ban (by way of the kick message , pm, or notice )
Op can not remove another ops bans,  unless the op is not live (script bans) or the ban is more then 24hrs old
Ops should remove any ban older then 24hrs
Any ban that needs to be more then 24hr should be Akicked
Ops will and do make mistakes. we are only human, and script are not 100% accurate.  Please do not curse,threaten or swear at an op if you feel you are kicked/banned in error.  This will only  serve to make the kick/ban stick !!.
You can ask to discuss  your own ban, but the op is not obliged to remove the ban if they feel it for a just reason.
Ops are not obliged to explain or discuss any banning of a user with another  user.
Op’s:-  If after the kick/ban you find you are in error please lift the ban and apologise, (Except in the above  case )


Akicks will be given to any user  who threatens an op(s) or the channel in any way (Flooding, Spamming, DDos attacks, etc) . This will not be open to discussion, vote , intimidation.
Repeated offenders may be put on a short term Akick, till such a  time as the ops feel is necessary.
Any one who  repeatedly evaded  the Akick, will be reported to the irc-ops
Any Sop adding an Akick please memo the other ops (not just Sops), this will help us all know who to look out for
Akicks will be reviewed  as and when possible


Only Ops are to run bots/scripts in the channel,  if proven to be stable.
Any bot/script found in the channel that is not a Op’s will be removed.
Ping, Seen, Chat, Auto Greetings scripts  are included in the above
Text Colour, small pop-up scripts are not included in the above, unless they become a nuisance. In this case an op will ask for the script to be removed or tuned off

Ops (@)

Do not ask for ops, this is the best way not to get them.
If new Aops are needed, The Ops will vote on any names put forward
New Sops will be chosen from the current Aop’s
All new Ops will be subject to a 30 day probation period
No user can be given op’s if they are not in the op list, (Unless agreed by the manager and/or founder)
Op are to protect the channel in accordance with the rules in a fare and even handed way, with no favouritism or grudges.
Any Op may have there Ops terminated if found to be in serious breach of the rules, misused there privileges or has been unhelpful or a hinder to the Channel  by the founder manager only

Voices (+)

Voices are a privilege, and are given/taken at the ops discretion.
Voices are expected to help the Channel in any way possible. (e.g. Greeting users, Reporting Spammers to ops, etc)
Voices are permitted to post links in the Channel, The site must not fall outside of Rule 4.
Do not ask to be Voiced. This will result  in a warning  then a ban if you do it again.
Voiced users that are idle in #worldchat for 2 hour or more will be devoiced.
(note: This is not irc Idle time as given by the /whois)
Users may be banned from receiving  Voices for a period of time, if the user has misused there privileges or has been unhelpful or a hinder to the Channel.

Worldchat Op Memo’s/Notices

All Worldchat Op Memo’s/Notices are to be kept with in the Worldchat ops Domain
If you feel any Worldchat Op Memo’s/Notices is unjust or unfair, then Please say so in Op Notice, The Op’s channel or by memo
Any Op found to be passing on Op Memo’s/Notices to NONE Worldchat Ops without  permission ( Aops need to ask a Sop / Sops will need to ask the founder ) will have there ops removed  Immediately

Any Questions please message/Memo/Email the founder


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